11 rooms series starting:
- 16.07.2021, weekly, 9:00 CET Polish
- 20.07.2021, weekly, 20:00 CET, 14:00 ET English
Speakers: CEOs, Executive Coaches, Mentors, Sportsmen/woman, Therapists, Psychologists.
Tenths of years of real, multinational transformational leadership experience. 
Passion, humanism, love for the better world. 

60-90 min live conversation

  1. Azimuth Setting/ Direction Setting
    How to make people go in one direction.

  2. Social Awerness
    Interact with whom? How frequently? How to adapt style to the position?

  3. Self-renewal Quality
    How to grow myself? The Growth Mindset.

  4. Ethical Influencing/Inspiring vs Manipulating
    3S model - Synchronisation & Symmetry & Synergy.

  5. Crebility vs Trust
    How to build Credibility; How to rebuild lost Trust?  4C model.

  6. Cooperation vs Diversion vs Altruistic Punishment
    How to encourage engaged collaboration.

  7. Inspiring others to grow
    Praise vs Criticism vs Feedback vs Coaching vs Doing Nothing.

  8. Hiring for Diversity & High EQ;
    Using EQ for accelerating growth.

  9. Tasks Allocation vs Delegation
    How to make time for it/ make it work?

  10. SpokeWheel - Performance Leadership
    Behavioural Symmetry.

  11. BONUS: PseudoAlpha vs TrueAlpha Leadership.