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Expand your wings, breathe mindfully, find confidence in your true value. 
Serve yourself before trying to help others.
Utilize curiosity, dignity, courage to explore new paths and challenge the status quo.
Your psychological safety at difficult moments is my priority.
Get inspired by 23 years of passionate research and rigorous empirical studies,
The fact: 9300+ people of 24 nationalities trained & coached.

Rafał Miłek-Horodyski  
EMBA, MD, Nidan Aikido Birankai

Business services:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Managerial/Performance/Team Coaching

  • Growing Winning/High Performing Teams 

  • 362 Feedback - SpokeWheel - get the proper mirror to laser focus on the right things to tune

  • Organisational Change & Learning Solutions - blended learning - for hundreds of people in synchronous effort

  • Mind & Body Wellness Balancing via Sports Medicine - group and individual interventions

  • GROWme - mobile app/learning solution - Training Evaluation - just in-time voting, interacting, evaluations monitoring



Performance Coaching




I & HLD Coaches will help you/your organisation regain traction, energy and joy to explore new worlds.

When you feel something/someone is holding you or your Team back turn to us.

Expect us treating you/your team with dignity, curiosity, passion, love and professionalism. 

Our way is about synergising:

  • Challenge & Care_Love,

  • Science & Common Sense, 

  • Empiric & Research based Perspective,

  • Emotions & Mind (Neuroscience) & Body (Sports, Endocrinology, Internal & Preventive Medicine).


CEO, Board Member,
Director, Founder

Personal & Company Vision, Stakeholder Management,
Personal Branding, Executive Presence,
Prioritising, Leading, Change Delivery,

Personal Energy Mgmt,

Loving yourself to make the world better.


Manager, Project Leader

Early Leader, High Potential

Credibity & Trust, Leading with/without Power,

Leading X-functional & Remote Teams,
Performance Management,
Goal Setting, Feedback, Coaching, 1on1, Monthly & Yearly Reviews,
Prioritisation, Delegation, Work Assignment,
Dynamic Behavioural Adaptation,

Leading Meetings,

Public Speaking... 



Individual Contributors 


Personal Vision, Career Options Mapping,
Prioritisation, Personal Energy Management,
Influencing, Credibility/Trust,

Dynamic Behavioural Adaptation,
Self-confidence tuning.


Functional and X-functional Teams
All stages of development

Team Vision, Key Rules & Behaviours, 
Team Objectives, Goals, Performance Indicators, 
Continuous Feedback mechanism, 
Individual Roles, Responsibilities, Challenges, Support needed, 
Group Decision Making Process Tuning, 
Winning Team Spirit.

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