HEXAGON - the Winning Team 

High Performing Team program

3S model – Synchronisation Symmetry Synergy

How to achieve Team decision making and delivery synergy being in leader or team member role?

* 97 HEXAGON deliveries across CEE.


Tune YOUR Management Team behavioural profile to compounding market and organisational challenges - to ride its full potential.

Upgrade Team Leader’s leadership/follow-ship for synergy, priorities alignment to win…
End-point: build effective, unified Team with strong identity, synergy of input, decisive actions and conduct integrity.



YOUR Management Team members.


WT workshop uniqueness:

HEXAGON - the WINNING TEAM workshop/model is natural, flexible and totally Purpose & Team oriented.
Every edition is unique by definition. There is one common denominator: psychological safety for spectacular synergy.
The team ideates, chooses and decides about common Vision, Direction and Rules & Key Behaviours for supreme cooperation & conflict prevention; will define its own decision making style and its variations suited for different scenarios.
Team members will recognise their emotional, perceptual and communication preferences; this will yield diversity-based-synergy.

TEAM benefits

People will act because THEY will commit… driven by pride and mutual recognition delivering:
* higher effectiveness & efficiency through faster, better decisions (individual/group),
* stronger & sustainable motivation based on direction and expectations clarity - tasks completed earlier & errors frequency drop,

* palette of individualised guidelines, behavioural recommendations for the Team Leader and all Team Members for systematic growth.
HEXAGON - the WINNING TEAM experience will rise mutual trust, reduce conflict potential and, long-term, catalyse competitive advantage and better future for everyone.

Hegagon - Team behavioral model explained.


actionlearning – 85% of time devoted to individual and subgroups activities, 15% to behavioural models and theory visualisations - to be realised through physical movement, music, innovative graphic models, diagrams, 3D installations.

Content/ workshop flow

Program axis - effective Team interactions tuning - journey from a Group to Winning Team - (WT) ethos.

* Status-quo - where are we right now?;
on Random Selection of Individuals_Group_Team_Performing Team_High Performing Team_Winning Team continuum,
* Team Direction & Priorities - Team Charter - Vision (the Why?), values, key rules, executable behaviours; priorities alignment,
* GRIChD - team decision making framework; the Team will decide on its Direction than share/ receive feedback from the Trainer,

* Feedback – Feedback vs Praise, Criticism, Coaching, Coaching Moments - each of the 5 Performance Interventions shines in the right organisational scenario - match them well; focus on Fbck giving, receiving, soliciting as performance tuning & conflict prevention tool,
* the Winning Team Ethos - what to do systematically (how frequently?) to achieve synergy and invincibility spirit while facing market competition - “stretching”, internal branding, synchronising, growing competences, unleashing creativity, making fast and accurate team decisions, 

* HEXAGON - the Winning Team behavioural model - finding and defining “Tipping Point”- trigger action - for WT ethos building,

* TACK - Feedforward activity - all Team Members will receive the gift of diverse recommendations to do/be better,

* 4C - Credibility/ Trust building model; tips how to win back Trust when lost (research based),

* Altruistic Punishment in Teams - “Certified Jerk syndrome” - true costs for the Team&Organisation when ignored,

* Formal & Informal Roles/Active Challenges/Support Needed – know-how for synergy building across the Team, 
* 3S Persuasion model - influencing guidelines for coalitions building, Stakeholder Management,
* Deliverables Summary, PAP (Personal Action Plan), TAP (Team Action Plan), workshop/trainer evaluation.

Program design/logistics

1. Interviews - Key Stakeholders, participants pre-wiring - 1h/person - Boss, MTMembers, HRD - to tune the program to expectations/challenges and “prewiring” participants to the tuning/change initiative,

2. HEXAGON - WT WORKSHOP____2-Day agenda - 900-1300__1430-1730
3. TEAM ROLLOUT/FOLLOW-UP - Agreeing next developmental steps/Executive Coaching/Target Groups/Teams, Types of Activities, Focus Areas for 2019/2020,
* When/Where - do be decided.



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Offsite Trainer accommodation costs/commuting to be covered by the Client.

Design/Delivery Principal Consultant

Rafał Miłek-Horodyski, MD, EMBA, Executive Coach, Nidan Aikido Birankai;  http://pl.linkedin.com/in/rafalmilekhorodyski

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