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Performance Coaching




On-the-job partnering when needed.


* Request your session earlier if you can - WhatsApp/SMS: “I need Espresso Session (ES) on Tuesday 8:00”,
* Time options: Espresso |0 - 0,5h| or DoubleEspresso |0,5 - 1h|,
* Communication Medium: Call/ Hangout/ Skype.



* Prep to Townhalls, Presentations, Leading crucial Meetings/ Decision-Making Sessions,
* Prep to Performance & Development Reviews, Rewarding, Underperformance Management conversations,
* Team Auditing for Delegation, Prep to Delegation Conversations, Coaching on Growth, Coaching on Issues/ Problems,
* Personal Energy Management - Sleeping Patterns, Training, Stretching, Eating, Life Style Balancing, Stress Management,
* Priorities/Time Management,
* Growing Teams, Teams Dynamics Management/Rules, Roles/Responsibilities Assignment,
* Personal Credibility building/rebuilding when lost, Conflict Prevention/ Management,
* Influencing, Dynamic Behavioural Adaptation, Capitalising on Diversity,
* People Assessment, Selection Decisions,
* Career Choices/Decisions.

Whatsapp: +48 604-406-180

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